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> > I have Qt4 now in the installation, but not pyqt4 due to the lack of
> "SIP" for this platform. The information on SIP for MinGW-w64 is a trifle 
> convoluted.
> That is for later.
> It's great that you now have Qt4 installed.  Furthermore, the name of the 
> pyqt4
> package you need to install is mingw-w64-x86_64-python3-sip and its 
> dependencies.

Thanks for digging that up. I will install it later - as soon as the test has 

> You did not mention diffutils.  What is the installation status of that 
> package?
I forgot to mention that - yes, I installed it. And it comes up with an 
interesting report on Lua:

Comparison test using psc device



  Missing examples            :

  Differing graphical output  :  14a 19 23

  Missing stdout              :

  Differing stdout            :  31

These differences pop up in various configurations. I have not seen them in the 
Cygwin results, so this is something specific to MinGW-w64/MSYS2.



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