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[...] [A]n interesting report on Lua:

Comparison test using psc device



 Missing examples            :

 Differing graphical output  :  14a 19 23

 Missing stdout              :

 Differing stdout            :  31

These differences pop up in various configurations. I have not seen
them in the Cygwin results, so this is something specific to

Hi Arjen:

IMPORTANT.  Could I please see the full report tarball of this test
which you forgot to attach to your last post?  Assuming this test
finished without any showstopping errors, I need that report tarball
(and the exact PLplot commit you tested) to complete the wiki report
on your fundamentally successful noninteractive testing of the
MinGW-w64/MSYS2 platform.

I think PostScript differences like above are not release critical
(i.e., they are something we will only
want to pursue after 5.13.0 is out).  But before I declare your 5.13.0
noninteractive testing completed for this particular platform, I would
like you to do the following:

After sending me the above important report tarball, run this
noninteractive comprehensive test again, but with these additional

--do_clean_as_you_go no
--do_nondynamic no
--do_static no
--do_ctest no
--do_test_install_tree no
--do_test_traditional_install_tree no

These options keep all plplot results for a limited test case (only the shared
library build, only the build-tree, only the test_noninteractive target)
which has 12 times less plot results than normal.  Please collect
these "limited" results as follows (the trailing "." is significant)

tar zcf noninteractive_results.tar.gz -C 

When I did the equivalent command here, the resulting tarball was 62MB
so that is too large to send to me by e-mail.  But can you place that
tarball temporarily on some website where I can download it?  And, of
course, I would like you to send me the report tarball for this more
limited test by e-mail as well just in case there is something I need
to check when looking at these results.

The point is I would like to view all these plot results for this
"new" platform to see what they look like, and I have the bash
command-line skills, access to the ImageMagick "display" application,
and time and patience to do that.  Of course, for future reference I
will teach you how to do all this for yourself on all your platforms,
but you have more constraints on your time than I do so I am willing
to volunteer to do this monumental plot viewing task.  (And if my
eyeballs have not fallen out and I have not died from boredom due to
this task, I would likely be willing to repeat this task twice more
when you finish off the noninteractive testing on the Cygwin and MSVC
platforms.  :-) )


Alan W. Irwin

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