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Hi Alan,

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Hi Arjen:

IMPORTANT.  Could I please see the full report tarball of this test which you 
to attach to your last post?  Assuming this test finished without any 
errors, I need that report tarball (and the exact PLplot commit you tested) to
complete the wiki report on your fundamentally successful noninteractive 
testing of
MinGW-w64/MSYS2 platform.

Oops, here is the tar-ball.

That is a report for Cygwin which you apparently ran on 2017-08-07,
but which you have not described yet.  Is that the one where you
addressed all the remaining Cygwin platform regressions?

What I requested was the report for the MinGW-w64/MSYS2 test you did
recently with Qt4 and diffutils installed where there were unexpected
PostScript differences.

I think PostScript differences like above are not release critical (i.e., they 
something we will only want to pursue after 5.13.0 is out).  But before I 
declare your
5.13.0 noninteractive testing completed for this particular platform, I would 
like you
to do the following:

After sending me the above important report tarball, run this noninteractive
comprehensive test again, but with these additional

--do_clean_as_you_go no
--do_nondynamic no
--do_static no
--do_ctest no
--do_test_install_tree no
--do_test_traditional_install_tree no

These options keep all plplot results for a limited test case (only the shared 
build, only the build-tree, only the test_noninteractive target) which has 12 
less plot results than normal.  Please collect these "limited" results as 
follows (the
trailing "." is significant)

tar zcf noninteractive_results.tar.gz -
C ../comprehensive_test_disposeable/shared/noninteractive/build_tree/examples/te
st_examples_output_dir .

What should be the directory in which to issue this command? I guess you want 
some files from that directory, given the trailing dot.

Top directory of the source tree.

The -C option internally changes to that given directory within the
comprehensive testing tree.  The "."
grabs everything in that directory, i.e., all the various kinds
of plot files generated by the test_noninteractive target built
by the comprehensive test script.


When I did the equivalent command here, the resulting tarball was 62MB so that 
too large to send to me by e-mail.  But can you place that tarball temporarily 
some website where I can download it?  And, of course, I would like you to send
me the report tarball for this more limited test by e-mail as well just in case 
there is
something I need to check when looking at these results.

That ought to be no problem.



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