On 2017-08-04 00:51-0700 Alan W. Irwin wrote:

The current status is I am almost done with the implementation of that
fix [for the bad address issue], but I need to get some sleep before I finish, 
test, and commit it
(likely by late Friday my time or early Saturday your time).

OK.  Finally (commit a5a0d25) got that fix done.

I just now realized (sigh) that commit message needed the following
change in the "Tested by" section:

scripts/comprehensive_test.sh --prefix "../comprehensive_test_disposeable 
blank" --do_submit_dashboard yes --do_test_interactive no --do_test_noninteractive 
no --do_test_install_tree no --do_test_traditional_install_tree no

should be replaced by scripts/comprehensive_test.sh --prefix "../comprehensive_test_disposeable blank" --do_submit_dashboard yes --do_test_interactive no

That is, the only constraint on the breadth of the comprehensive test
that actually occurred was the interactive part of comprehensive
testing was dropped.  So this should be very similar to your own
further non-interactive testing.

I am looking forward to your report for MinGW-w64/MSYS2 confirming
this issue has been fixed by the above change (and hopefully revealing
there are no further noninteractive issues on that platform).

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