I've checked it out, I can see your point, it's a beautiful tool, but too many dependencies and a long product chain. For simple database reports (that would be 98% of the time) I'll work with xlsxwriter and PollyReports which is close to the fox style but stays within python and keeps the design of your report and it's parameters within the language and will be easily portable. Regarding the remaining 2% if I can't dodge the bullet I'll probably end up doing what you suggest (thanks for the tips Ajit, hadn't heard about until you mentioned it)


On 08/03/18 12:06, Ajit Abraham wrote:
Thanks Ricardo,

On 08/03/2018 01:39, Ricardo Araoz wrote:
You could also check "relatorio" and "pod" if you are willing to work with open office.

Gaetan's Appy Framework does exactly that. It works with odt documents.
For simple reporting, it is ok. But for complex reports(which is easy in VFP), I found that had to do too much of tinkering.
Also it needs Libreoffice to run in silent mode to generate the pdf.

check out PollyReports which is not a graphical tool but a python lib ....

Simply put, I have been spoilt by VFP. Hence hunting for the GUI

Ok. Seems that I will settle in for JasperReport.
These are the steps:
1. Prepare the data in XML format (Thanks to yattag library)
Along with the table data, I can pass adhoc values like the report title etc 2. Design the report through the free JasperStudio (same like VFP report design tool) 3. Generate PDF through Jadson Ribeiro's pyreport which is a wrapper for JasperStarter command-line tool. This generates the PDF without any reporting service running in the background.


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