On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 2:13 PM, Ed Leafe <e...@leafe.com> wrote:
> These are HTML generators, so there is just one <title> per document. Not 
> sure how you would translate that to hard copy page breaks.

CSS to the rescue! You can set up a block with @media print { ... }
and include loads of directives to control the appearance and layout
of the printed page.

I have a set of reports for one client where the printed page looks
much different from the visual page, thanks to CSS.

Check out the @page directive and the :first and other pseudo-tags:


So, you can set up entire blocks within the page"

<div class="printonly">Your Title here</div>

and the CSS:

div.printonly {display:none}

@media print {
  div.printout {display:inline}

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