Ed, never worked with templating systems, but reading the examples I have a few doubts regarding their capabilities, maybe you know the answer to them? In the example they define <title> items, but will the template generate a new title on top of every page? Can you define page sizes, page footers, group headers and footers, group totals, running totals?

On 07/03/18 11:47, Ajit Abraham wrote:
Thanks Ed. I had seen that before - but as there was no GUI, I ignored it. I need the GUI for absolute positioning of objects - similar to VFP/Crystal/Jasper report builders.

Will have another look at it.

While I don’t do much reporting in Python these days, I would recommend a simple templating system like Jinja or Mako to create the HTML output, and an HTML-PDF converter to create the output. I did a quick google around and found this article: http://pbpython.com/pdf-reports.html . It looks pretty straightforward.

-- Ed Leafe

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