Hi Guilhem,

On 28 May 2015 at 15:52, Guilhem Lettron <guil...@lettron.fr> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> As you should know, code.google.com shutdown pretty soon.
> I begin to work on a migration to github.
> I also use this migration to split all modules in their own repository.
> You can find the resulting work here https://github.com/prosody-modules
> I manage to keep all history for all modules.

I see you put some effort into this, and if it helps someone, that's great!

However I just want to make it clear that this move is not an official
move of the project.

I set up prosody-modules as a place for people to collaborate openly,
experiment with cool ideas, - an open playground. So I have always
tried to have minimal "control" over it, aside from allowing new
contributors access when they asked (I have never said no). Also we
have never made promises to review code in prosody-modules, nor allow
expectations of code quality, support, etc. for all the modules in it,
as it is not "official" code.

However I intend, for now, to continue having one single repository
where people can easily pull all modules from. This does not mean
people cannot develop and host modules on Github (or elsewhere), it is
just an issue of discovery for users (there are currently a few nice
Prosody modules on Github that not many people know about, because of
this issue).

In the long term, we are working on a new section of the site where
all core and community modules and their documentation can be found,
regardless of where they are hosted or distributed.

But until that is ready, I am not clear what advantages having these
modules on Github brings. Google Code is still working fine, and my
contributions will continue there right now.

Just my thoughts.


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