Hi Scott,

On 8 December 2015 at 22:28, Scott White <sww...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a developer looking for a replacement chat server (we currently use
> OpenFire).
> Prosody looks promising and pretty powerful.
> I just wanted to offer my comments:
> -Moving to a better supported source repo (Github or Bitbucket with Hg
> support) would make the product *look* more viable
> -Better documentation on a tool like readthedocs.org would help (alot)
>   (for example: I found a couple of mistakes following the documentation
> that I would have done a pull request to fix if you used readthedocs and
> either of the above repos)

Thanks for the feedback.

Please feel free to just report documentation issues to us, it would
only take a couple of minutes to send us an email
(mailto:develop...@prosody.im), or let us know what they are on this
list, or join the chatroom, basically any of the means listed at
https://prosody.im/discuss - we are constantly improving docs based on
user feedback. I don't think a git repository or
$documentation_hosting_of_the_month is a requirement for that, and
neither, as I already explained earlier in this thread, do I think
that chasing whichever third-party providers are currently the best
use of developers' time.

We're an open, active, and friendly project. Please don't discriminate
against us based on the tools we choose to use. Enjoy our software
instead :)


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