On 29 May 2015 at 09:52, Victor Seva <vs...@sipwise.com> wrote:
> On 05/29/2015 10:04 AM, Goffi wrote:
>> G'day,
>> As a recent modules developer, I just want to say that I'm totally
>> against a github move: I have no account there and will not have.
> You don't need a github account to contribute. It is easier if you have,
> but you can always send patches by email
> and amend them easily wit git.
>> Of course project manage its code the way it wants, but please let the
>> ability for people to contribute without github account, the way as it
>> is possible today without google account.
> A will point a thread about github on Debian devel mailing list [0]
>> Oh, and I'm really happy with hg...
> Glad to hear but lets face it git is more widely use.

I'm not picking on you, it's just your post was the most recent one to
bring up the popularity of git.

I'm not interested in spending our time and resources moving the
project to whatever VCS and hosting platform is currently trending.
Back when Prosody started, Github was less than 6 months old, and most
people would have had no clue what it was. Git was not especially
popular back then either. The package 'git' on Debian didn't even
install the VCS, but some unrelated GNU utility.

I've been developing software long enough to know that things rise and
fall. Today it's Github, tomorrow... something else. We're going to
stay working with what we're happy and comfortable with. If there are
firm technical reasons to move, fine, but there aren't. I know some
projects that have moved VCS three times in three years, and that's
nothing but disruptive.

Finally, on the issue of contributions. Firstly I know of projects
that have moved to Github and had almost no extra contributions. It's
not a magic wand. Secondly, I think if someone is actually serious
about contributing, our choice of VCS will not stop them. So called
"drive-by" contributions are not the kind of thing I'm interested in
for our core project.

I appreciate everyone putting their thoughts forward here, but the
graveyards of the internet are littered with this kind of thread.
Everyone has their personal preferences, and sadly we can't satisfy
all of them all of the time. I personally don't have anything more to
say on the matter, so unless someone has something substantially new
to contribute I'd recommend we just let this thread go.

If you still feel like you need to change our minds about something,
or if you have any questions, we're always available to email directly
at develop...@prosody.im without having to drag hundreds of other
people into the debate.


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