On Friday, August 14, 2015 at 6:35:41 AM UTC-4, Вадим Мисбах-Соловьёв wrote:
> > You really need Lua 5.1. Lua 5.2/5.3 are different languages that are 
> not 
> > backwards-compatible with 5.1. 
> Not exactly. They are compatible, if they were built with compatibility 
> (not sure, if macos maintainers do that). 
> I'm currently updating my local portfile from macports to try to build and 
install prosody.
The existing file was for .9.1 but it failed to install. I updated it to 
grab .9.8 source and used the 

port install lua lua-luasocket lua-luasec lua-luaexpat

>From the installing prosody page for the macports.  I have a file that now 
installs prosody but it won't run due to 5.1 dependencies.

> Anyway, TS (ben), it is nothing that can stop you from try to run 
> ./configure 
> with lua52/53 
> I work on this change and see if I can launch prosody. Otherwise I will 
want to try and get a MacPorts install of 5.1 to work. It currently fails 
with lua-luaexpat problems.

Thanks for your help.


> -- 
> Best regards, 
> mva 

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