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>I got a couple of questions on component symbols/libraries.
>I'm trying to put together a company components library where the required
>details, including our company stock number, manufacturer's part number ,
>are part of the unique propertise of each component in the library and can
>be identified from the library menu with a descriptive name.
>Example of descripive name: 10K_0805_MF_1%
>1/      Does anyone know how the part name that is displayed on the
>schematic can be edited in the component library such that it is different
>from the library reference when the component is placed? Ideally, in the
>case of the above resistor, I would just want its value displayed.

Create a separate library for each different resistor type you have.
IE res_0805_1 for smt 1 percent resistors.
    res_1206_.1 for smt point one percent resistors.
Each library will have around a 1000 resistors. That is if your company has
taken out a series of numbers for the whole decade. If not see if they can
and start anew the new series for all new projects.
Next for each resistor value name the library part with your company part 
Then apply the value of that resistor part number to the group. The group 
is located
  under Browse Schlib. Click on the ADD and type in the value. Now go to 
and add the footprint and in library fields choose one to add the company 
number to.
When you add the resistor to the schematic do so by the value and not by 
the company number.

  WITH THE CORRECT VALUE. It carries the correct company part number.

When you now what a bom go to reports and run Bill of Materials and make 
sure you click on the
  library field that you selected to put your company number in.
This will work for resistors of the same value but different physical sizes 
on the same schematic and
will make a project library correctly.
Caps will I just have found it easer to supply a long name (ie .01 
0805_5%_50V) and then delete all but the value
once the cap is on the schematic sheet.
>I know it can be edited as, or subsequent to, the part is being placed on
>the schematic sheet, I'm just looking to see if there is a way of defining
>the part name in the library.
>The problem is that I want to list the components in the library using
>descriptive names but I don't want the full descriptive detail on the
>schematic or interfering with the value for simulation.

Under Description there is a description field use that. When you do the 
bom from reports click the description
field. Make sure you ask for a csv output. Export this and you can open it 
in Excel.
We don't use Protel for simulation so I am not sure which library field 
would be open.

>2/      Has anyone succeded in generating company component libraries? How
>did you manage?

Yes. It occurred from a survival need. Engineers don't like wrong 
footprints.(they don't care how many times the schematic was changed)If the 
parts now carry the correct company part number they will have the correct 
footprint. One part number one part symbol.
We usually build all our own symbols and footprints. Make a list as to how 
you want the schematic library to look and then make sure
that submitted symbols meet that list. Have fun if not you might go crazy.

>Kindest regards

Rusty Garfield
Development Technician IV
Sugar Land Product Center
(281) 285-7611 (voice)
(281) 285-7619 (fax)

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