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>The only item I would like changed is the BOM generator. It would be nice if
>you could configure it to make the separations between items more than just
>part type and footprint. 

You will find and awk script and some stuff here


The script processes protel .csv files into part lists. You can print any
combination of part and library fields for the component description. The
components are matched by the same combination (would not be too hard to
make them different). 

I used to have this completely automated within Protel, creating a BOM
automatically generated my version (by telling Protel a batch file to
automate the process was the external .csv editor). 

Sadly the design database completely screwed this up - the generated .csv
files being completely inaccessible to external programs while in an Access
database. Using the Windows file system database makes the .csv files
accessible and any defined .csv editor is still called but with some
garbage internal representation of database file name passed on the command
line :(. 

At least the "Create BOM" process (rather than the wizard) is still
available in the current version but not placed in the menus. 

I currently have a batch file running the script set as the Open option
associated with .csv files for Windows. As long as I use Windows file
system database I can just double click the .csv file to run the script and
view the results. 

Cheers, Terry.

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