At 08:36 AM 2/28/01 +1100, John Haddy wrote:

> > Also... not sure if this applies.  But do not connect Power Ports directly
> > to pins, always run a small piece of wire from the pin... I seem
> > to remember
> > it not connecting properly if conencted directly to the pin.  Power Ports
> > are essentially netlabels with a visual symbol for the power type chosen.
> >

I routinely use power ports with no wire, without problems. It might happen 
that one has a wire very slightly off grid and have electrical snap turned 
off ; new designers sometimes consider the grid needlessly confining and 
turn it off as well. Bad move. It's fine to turn off the grid when moving 
designators around, but don't leave it off. It's not hard to miss, however, 
if you do leave it off. Just fix it before doing any component placement or 
wiring. (And likewise make sure that symbols in the libraries have pin ends 
on grid, and that the reference for the part is also on grid. A grid 
setting of 10 (which is nominally 1/10 inch, schematic grid units being .01 
inch) is normal; I've never seen a reason to use anything other (in schematic).

Power ports have a very important difference from net labels, and it is 
important to understand it. Power ports always create a global net, i.e., 
it has the same name across all sheets, and all nets of that name will be 
connected together.

If one wants to use a power net which is local to one sheet only, net 
labels must be used, not power ports.

Newcomers are often advised to avoid the use of hidden pins (which also 
establish global nets with the name of the pin). Certainly it can be 
helpful to have all connectivity visible (i.e., check "hidden pins" on the 
part edit dialog).
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