Hi Brad
Even though you will not be around any more( I hope you left insurance) 
anyone with read access can still open
the parts library and copy out all the libraries to another library file 
and now have all file privileges.
All the parts library is doing is to have a central area for all common 
parts that have been check out as to form
fit and function and cannot be altered by the designer at large. We also do 
not allow users to password protect
their individual files. That is done by the os protecting the directories.
  We have around 25 users.

At 08:13 AM 2/28/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>         quite simply, I don't trust Protel nor the Access/Jet database and
>my method can be quickly altered or changed by any of our MIS support
>people. It is a shared resource, if I am run over by a bus tomorrow morning,
>our MIS people can give access to edit the library file in approx. 10
>seconds flat.
>         After receiving advice or reading comments of others we do not touch
>the database members/permissions, it is a trap waiting to spring shut. Since
>we are running NT, we do not need another security measure/level that can go
>wrong and screw us.
>Brad Velander
>Hi Brad,
>If I read your advice right, you are setting the attributes of the database
>for read only? Doesn't your approach defeat the purpose of the Protel
>members/permissions? Why do you do it this way?
>We had a similar problem. The problem was caused by the 'saving' machine
>being at SP6 whilst the others were not. Once all the machines were at SP6
>the problem went away.
>         further to what Matthew has stated, I do exactly what I believe you
>are doing. We are running NT4 and I load the reference library onto a
>network drive, set the file 'attributes' to read only though the 'OS' and
>everything is fine. We also get a message when loading the library, but it
>is only a warning that the file is read-only and do we want to continue.
>Brad Velander
>Lead PCB Design
>Norsat International Inc.
>#100 - 4401 Still Creek Dr.,
>Burnaby, B.C., Canada.
>voice: (604) 292-9089 (direct line)
>fax:    (604) 292-9010
>www: www.norsat.com
>Hi Luo:
>Did you set it to "Read-only" using the database permissions, or the file
>system permissions?
>Use the database permissions, and see how you go there, if that's not what
>you did.
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>From: Yu-Ming Luo [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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>Subject: [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Library Share
>Dear All,
>As I had specified in the previous mail, I had put the library on the server
>and shared them with others. For security, I set the library "read only" for
>others, and only I get the full authority to access and modify the
>footprints. But when other designer try to add the library to their PCB edit
>environment, Protel alerts "file is not recognized", when I open all
>authorities to everyone, then they can use the library correctly, But I am
>afraid that is not security. How can I accomplish my original purpose?
>Waiting for your good idea! Thanks.
>Best Regards,

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