I cannot cite any specific details about the database
access/security but I have previously read comments on the listserver or
from tech support that make me question it's safety. Our MIS personnel,
based upon their knowledge of Access and or Jet databases, advise not to use
it as well. Basically I just don't trust Protel so I will not put my access
to any of our work in the hands of their database security. It is just
another possible pitfall to avoid, I would be happier if the ability to
secure or control access was a user option and I could take it right out of
the program. I have threatened anybody in our company with a long, cruel,
painful death if they ever set any rights and permissions within Protel. 

Paranoia, quite possibly? Stupidity, not likely! If you don't need it, don't
use it. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid!


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Specifically what are your fears with the members/permissions? What are the
'traps' that you see? (I've not seen any advice on this subject on the user
group before). I take your point regarding NT security measures but NT can't
restrict access within the database and this is something we are looking to
use in the future with Protel. If there are really good reasons not to, I
want to know. Many thanks for your advice.



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