> Since I have installed SP6 I can't link some document types anymore.
> opening a *.doc link returns "Linked object's source class has changed."
> (document does not open)
> opening a *.pdf link returns "Cannot open document. Document type is
> unknown." (document does not open)
> opening linked *.xls, *.txt, *.mcd files work fine.
> Is anybody observing the same behaviour?
> Marco Benetti

I am not in a position to comment myself, since I never attempt to link
files of a non-Protel nature. But I am wondering if I am the only person to
have noticed that when using the Windows filing system, then files which are
deleted from within a DDB file always end up in the OS'es (Windows) Recycle
Bin. I am sure that there was a time when such files were totally deleted
instead *if* the Shift key was held down while selecting the Delete command.
But that no longer seems to be the case; the files now always seem to end up
in the Recycle Bin, and regardless of whether I have held the Shift key down
or not.

Perhaps not the most earth-shattering of issues to deal with, but still
annoying to have to then clear those files from the Recycle Bin in instances
when you really do want to be rid of the files concerned.

Geoff Harland.
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