Thank you Ian,
        for clarifying my point in such a concise manner. I probably didn't
express my issue as clearly as you have below because I was responding to
other peoples comments rather then trying to clearly stating my beef with
the issue. You have hit the mark.

        Protel's comments to me indicate that they do not consider the
problem a bug when it clearly is a bug. It is a bug because they are
generating output files and data which does not synch. The Gerber or printed
drill symbol file shows no symbol for a drill which clearly exists in the
ASCII drill file.

        I don't care how Protel fix it, I will fix our databases in an
appropriate manner. One fix would mean that I have no work, the present fix
means that I have to change all of our existing designs as necessary. Protel
can fix it to increase the integrity of their software and to keep other's
from experiencing the same difficulty. They can not fix it and allow others
to forever fall into this pitfall in the future, their choice.


Brad Velander
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I think:
1) Protel should make sure the drill drawing and the drill file match, 
In order not to break existing designs Protel *must* maintain support for 
non-zero hole sizes in surface pads but there could be appropriate DRC 
warnings.  New versions of the software could prevent accidental entry of 
non-zero hole sizes in surface pads by, as you say, greying out the hole 
size edit box, in the Change Pad dialog, if the layer is not multilayer.

Ian Wilson

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