I would agree that the drill dwg should = the drill file and that if it
doesn't it IS a bug.
I think this latest thing Protel has done in this regard is very sloppy

However, as I have said before, the drill dwg itself these days (at
least to me and IMHO) seems like excess baggage, so I don't really care.
I have not supplied a drill dwg in several years on any of many boards
ranging from very simple to 16 layers and very complex.
I have used maybe 10-15 different fab shops and NEVER has anyone called
(or emailed) and said 'where's the drill dwg? !"
I had one customer (not a fabricator) ONCE in the last several years
request a fab dwg showing drill sizes so they could hang it in their
paper file rack.

I think this issue is hanging on as a legacy doc requirement dating back
to paper/vellum days, and I am happy to be rid of an extra task.
Good gerber software can flag annular ring problems for the fabricator,
hole sizes which are wrong or suspect I think are much easier to
inspect, review and preclude on screen.

BTW, likewise for detailed dimension dwgs
unless there is a very particular or critical dimension issue we try to
just provide a gross OD and a ref to some hole
this saves a lot of work
the gross OD pretty much = $ so that is interesting to see at a glance

of course we supply a layer which is accurately drawn with outlines and
desired mech features, the dimensions themselves are a bit of work and
can be somewhat of an impediment to making a beneficial change, since
you would have to re-do those as well 

in this regard we have had some shops call and say they need a lot more
dimensions shown, but more typically we just get the boards back without
problems or calls 
this is a function of how they set up their routers
guess which shops I go back to more?

there has been some discussion from time to time about whether a
specific feature such as unplated holes or slots or tab routing
increases cost
of course it is logical that such features might, but in today's world
it's all just about who you are as a customer, how many sq. inches and
layer count.
After those those essentials the vagaries of negotiation and the
business cycle far outweigh the specific little things like hole count
and such.
Of course if the bd is Swiss cheese that's another matter, I am simply
saying that the correlation between price and specific minor features is
poor and certainly not linear.

Dennis Saputelli

Ian Wilson wrote:
> We seem to be locking horns today ;-)
> On 05:58 PM 14/03/2001 -0800, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:
> >It's important to realize that CAD programs may be thoroughly checked for
> >bugs, but when they hit the real world, they may be fed data that was not
> >anticipated and therefore the behavior of the program has not been tested.
> Abd ul-Rahman, I have a problem with the manner in which you are expressing
> things in your post?
> Are you saying it is OK to introduce a bug in a new version of software
> that did not exist in a previous version?
> There is a bug.  Drill file does not match Drill Drawing = BUG.

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