At 09:49 AM 3/23/01 -0500, Jackson, Ken wrote:
>Is there anyway to display the workspace below the absolute origin.  I can't
>get the display to scroll below this origin yet when I produce the gerber
>files and load them into CAMtastic, there is some text and copper that shows
>up 3 inches from the bottom of the board.  I can remove this in CAMtastic
>but I would prefer to have a clean database.

(1) No, there is no direct way to display primitives outside the workspace.

(2) To work with such primitives, move them into the workspace. The basic 
idea is to select them together with something you can pick up inside the 
workspace, and then move the selection. When you are moving a selection, a 
bounding box may appear that shows you the extent of the selection. That's 
a clue as to where the offending primitives are located. You also know 
where they are located from the gerbers....

(3) Select them by EDA (Edit/Select/All) and then use EEI 
(Edit/Deselect/Inside) to unselect everything inside the workspace. Place a 
pad and select it. You can then move all the selections by picking up that pad.

(4) And this is a clue to how the primitives got there in the first place. 
You had something selected and then you moved somewhere else in your design 
and selected it and moved it. Protel picks up *all* your selections, not 
just selections on screen! Get in the habit of deselecting everything (EEA 
or XA) before working with selection, so that you start clean. You might 
also notice that the bounding box is going off screen, but it is easy to 
overlook that (and when the number of objects selected is small and the 
selection is moved slowly, the bounding box may not appear).

Protel should warn that primitives are being moved out of the workspace 
whenever a block move results in such creatures, and there should be three 
optional answers:

[ACCEPT, I know what I am doing even though everyone else cannot fathom why 
I might want to put primitives outside the workspace]

[NO, don't move any objects outside the workspace; instead deselect any 
objects which would be wholly or partially moved into limbo and leave them 
where they were, while allowing the rest of the move]

[CANCEL and return me to selection floating on cursor].

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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