Hi Steve,

We create the PCB design then copy and paste a format (pcb file) around the
design using the following layer convention:

1- Fabrication (drill) drawing:

drill drawing, mechanical layer 1 and mechanical layer 2

2- Assembly drawing:

Top overlay, mechanical layer 1 and mechanical layer 3

Note: mechanical layer 1 is a common layer that has lines and text that is
applicable to both the drill drawing and the assembly drawing.

We then create gerber files of the artwork layers, pick and place files, NC
drill files and the drawing layers, zip them and send them to our PCB

We use a third party gerber software to view the drawings and make slight
changes if necessary.

We also use the same third party software to clear the silk screen from any
platted holes.

Hope this helps,

Leo Lewis
ABB Automation
Lewisburg, WV 24901

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I'm working to define our internal process to document boards for production.
 Specifically, I'm having a difficult time generating assembly drawings.

After much discussion, we decided the best path is to use AutoCAD.  It allows
a great deal of flexibility to scale, rotate,  and position the details for
improving communication with the production staff.  I use Gerber files
converted to DXF  via Camtastic.

Here's the problem.  AutoCAD is dirt slow when it comes to redrawing the
screen.  A simple two layer board takes seconds to redraw with only the
silk-screen layer imported.  The entire layout in Protel or Camtastic is very
quick to redraw.  It's killing the process.

1.)  Is there any way to improve the redraw speed in AutoCAD short of moving
from my P3, 600Mhz, 256M RAM to a faster computer?

2.) How do others generate documentation?

3.) Any other recommendations?

Thank you,
Steve Allen
Project Engineer
Manufacturing Services, Inc.


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