G'Day all,

For a number of reasons I have been playing about with moving selections 
and flipping them ('X' and 'Y' keys) and swapping layers ('L' hot key).

I have found that it is possible to make tracks and surface pads 
disappear.  They look like they are no longer there (deleted) yet their 
(invisible) vertices are still netlist targets - they are just invisible. I 
have not plumbed the depths of the effect (I just found a new effect 
whereby not only do the tracks disappear but components are way off the 
intended area).

When flipping layers of a moderate to large selection, tracks and surface 
pads can disappear and, sometimes components get placed in a wildly 
incorrect positions.  Through hole pads do not seem to be affected.

To replicate:
1) Open a PCB file with a good number of tracks and components.
2) Select a block containing a decent number of tracks (20, 30 or more)
3) M-S (Move-Selection) click to choose the reference point and move the 
block about
4) Hit the 'L' key to invert the selection.
5) left click to place the selection.
6) See that tracks and free surface pads are missing.
7) Alt-BkSpace (Undo)
8) See that tracks are still missing after the undo operation.

If you save the file, close and re-open the tracks will appear again.  I do 
not know how deep the corruption goes but something in the PCB data 
structure is off. I do not know if this is purely cosmetic or whether one 
is inviting further and deeper problems by continuing to edit the file.  I 
assume that after the save, close, open that the data structures are all OK 
again and editing can safely continue.

Lesson - take care when flipping selections to the other side of a PCB. 
Backup the file before starting the operation, save and close and open 
after doing the operation.  I suggest saving the corrupted file to a new 
name until you are sure you do not need to go back to the undamaged version.

I suspect that few people have need of flipping selections between layers - 
so most people will not be affected.  Those that do are heading into 
unknown territory.

Protel have been informed and can replicate the issue.  Hopefully this will 
be a SP7 fix.

Ian Wilson

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