Regarding 'how we felt about access database' .... Some of us STILL feel
that way... and are VERY frustrated to have to deal with this.. uh..
"feature" even after all this time.

I wish (with all my might) that they would remove the complexity and
'mismanagement' of my files... and return to a simpler, smarter, easier
program... one that edits PCB's (efficiently) and creates schematics... and
does it WELL.... and quit breaking the program in the process of adding this
fluff..... (If it works well.. don't 'fix' it). 

The schematic editor still leaves much to be desired... I daresay Orcad is a
much better editor that the one that ships with Protel...(which has not
changed for many revisions of the software)

 The PCB package does weird stuff and crashes... It tells Windows task
manager its 'not responding' .. when its actually doing something.. The auto
router is weak! The manual routing needs to be improved... The design
explorer sucks... The help files aren't any help...

 This sort of stuff drives customers away.... (ones that already bought the
program, mind you...) they should be doing something about this, rather than
give us a tool to do purchasing's job... 
Their policy of adding unnecessary 'hoopla' and 'fluff' to the program has
not continues with reckless abandon... :(
(rant mode off)
Bill Brooks 
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Except for the perception that Protel is wasting resources on this. Protel, 
however, for better or for worse, has a history of providing us with things 
that we don't want and we must admit that sometimes, at least, they have 
been right and we had our heads in the sand. Remember how we felt about the 
Access database?

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