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>Hmm. If you use numeric allocation offset (start this sheet at 100, etc),
>the annotator gets it completely right - no allocation re-use. This is a
>straightforward, easy to understand, bug. We've all done similar.

Actually, it does not get it "right," according to what we usually want and 
might well expect from how Annotate behaves under other circumstances. If I 
have a C101A, and two C?, and annotate with starting 100 and suffix A, you 
will end up with the original C101A plus C100A and C101A, the designator 
has been duplicated.

It is only if we set the offset higher than any existing number, such that 
no old numbers are in the assigned range, that the results are correct.

>  I don't
>think there's a need to complicate that dialog with a 'reuse designators'
>box - if that's what's wanted, then 'reset designators' elsewhere is the
>way to go, and already exists.

Problem is that the existing behavior is not good enough to deal properly 
with the subject situation. Yes, you can reset designators and that will 
solve one problem, but, as in the present situation, it will create 
another, the lack of correspondence of designators between the old 
schematic and the new one. This can make quite a mess.

The synchronizer might handle it properly, but it would not fix any 
accessory documentation, like the note that says "Do not stuff C101A."

> > to get around this one might re-annotate the whole page from scratch -- 
> the
> > most likely to be easiest procedure unless one has become fixed on those
> > existing numbers
>that was indeed the case. The components are on the PCB - I just wanted a
>few more. (series termination resistors, you know the deal...)

This is a common situation....

>--, or, in case one wishes to keep them, remove the
> > suffixes for the page, reannotate without using the advanced options, then
> > add the suffixes using global edit. This is the old way, and almost as 
> fast
> > as the new. It does require knowing how to use the global editor
> > replacement criteria, which can be intimidating, but it is worth learning.
>Care to talk me / us through that? I've sometimes wondered how to drive
>the global editor harder,and this looks like a good example...
>(removing and re-adding trailing 'A' to all part designators on this

Okay, you have components already on the schematic sheet with a A suffix.

You have added components which have ? as a number. You want to add the new 
components and have them with non-duplicated numbers even though they have 
an A suffix.

It is easiest if you want all the parts on the sheet numbered with A. If 
so, first of all, the numbers must be reduced from A suffix to normal 
suffix. Do this with a global edit on any one of the A suffixed parts to 
eliminate the A. Then do a normal annotate. Then add A to all the parts on 
the sheet.

Global edits work on match criteria. When the match criteria are met, the 
part which meets them will be edited. Double-click on any A part to bring 
up the edit menu. Press the Global button. Under Attributes to Match By, in 
the Designator field, enter
In the Copy Attributes/Designator Field, enter
Those are curly braces, not parenthesis. This will cause the string "A: to 
be replaced by the null string. I.e., it is deleted.

You should get an edit message telling you how many parts are going to be 
edited. Be sure you don't have "All Documents" set in the Change Scope 
field or you will also edit other sheets! Accept the message if it looks 
right. All your parts should now have no suffix.

Annotate normally, then use a global edit on all parts on the sheet to add 
A to the designators.

And here I run into a brick wall. I have a vague memory that we have 
discussed in the past a shortcoming of the global edit Copy Attribute 
operation. I could find no way to use it to add a suffix. Perhaps someone 
knows how to do this!

If it is true that global edits on designators cannot be used to add 
suffixes, that is a serious shortcoming, all the more so because, if I am 
correct, it was identified long ago. Anyway, I'll wait before putting my 
foot even deeper into my mouth.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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