If you have several net names attached together it will pick the first one
it sees for the name of the net in PCB.

So obviously somewhere in the schematic you have the net name +5.3V
attached to a wire going to VCC.

Could it be you accidently used the PlaceNetLabel when you really wanted to
PlaceAnnotation? I know I have done this and gotten some really weird net
names like "Do Not Run Close to Chassis Ground".


"Robison Michael R CNIN" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 08/30/2001 04:20:47

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cc:    (bcc: Rob LaMoreaux/DSPT)
Subject:  [PEDA] nets and ports ??


we bid and got a job to remanufacture some legacy boards out of
an old military system that has finally started to go low on spares.
several were modest two-layer boards.  they had crude trace and
drill drawings to look at, but no gerbers.

i'm working on a 10-layer one now.  i decided to go ahead and do
a schematic and then go to the pcb from there.  so i redrew their
schematic into protel.

they show several connector pins and a test point going to ground,
which i have confirmed is a plane on the board.  on a schematic, i
generally put all my connectors on the last page, and just use global
nets on the previous ones to tie in to the connectors.  so i have on
the first page several nets, a test point, and a powerport ground tied

my problem is that when i generate a netlist, it appears to have
decided to delete (most likely as redundant) all the nets tied to the
GND port except one.  i am also troubled that i see my GND port
listed nowhere in the netlist.  for that matter, i don't see my VCC
port either.  instead i see a +5.3V net name that is the equivalent.

NOTE:  i build my own libraries, and hardwire grounds and power
in the schematic itself.

so why don't my VCC and GND ports show up in the netlist?  and
how do i get back the multiple nets tied to GND?

thank you, miker

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