At 08:42 PM 10/31/01 -0600, Mark Gavett wrote:
>This is exactly why I switched from the Accel Technologies group (Tango) 
>to Protel.  What service packs has Protel offered to Protel 98 owners any 
>way - zip

No, there were two, as I recall. Yes, there remained issues that were not 
addressed in those service packs. The release of Protel 99 or 99SE, I don't 
remember exactly when it was, ended further Service Packs for P98.

>   This was the reason I bought 98 and then was forced to purchase 99 
> before any bugs were fixed and then SE before it worked.

No, Mr. Gavett was not forced. Many users waited before purchasing Protel 
99; in fact, the lowest upgrade price ($695) was after some delay. Those 
who purchased 99 at the beginning did get the use of the software for some 
months, presumably justifying the difference (they paid $995). The SE 
release was free to all 99 users, so Mr. Gavett's comment does not make 
sense, perhaps he has forgotten.

>   These are not free service packs as the marketing stated, anyone for a 
> legal challenge?

All Service Packs were free. Protel 99 was considered a version upgrade, 
including new servers and shell. It wasn't much of a bug fix, per se. The 
SE release was a major improvement, and we began recommending that all 98 
and prior users upgrade; it appears that most did.

As far as a legal challenge, my opinion is that it would not be successful 
in court. But I could be wrong; further, the very fact of a user lawsuit 
could get Altium's attention. I think the time is not right for it, and I 
hope that the time never comes, but if anyone disagrees, there is always 


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>   Looks like a good opportunity to find another upspring company to help 
> nurture to software success.

I don't know anything that matches Protel, though the price increases are 
shifting the balance somewhat. I do know of some other companies that might 
be moving in the right direction.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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