What do you expect? You didn't "have" to buy P99, you could have stayed with
P98. I know a few people that are using it day after day.

Do you expect Ford to keep updating the Pinto? No, they come out with newer,
better models with more features and more comfort and you can sell your old
car and buy a new one or just keep driving your old one around. Someday it
gets so old, they don't make parts for it anymore. What are you going to do,
call Ford and ask for some old part they don't tool anymore? Give Protel a
break. That shouldn't even be the focus of this discussion. The point is
almost all software has bugs and it's how well they remove them before
initial release and how well they continue to remove them afterwards that
counts. At least up until now the bug removal process didn't cost us


> That is correct it took thm three before it was as you put pretty
> good.  After that the support was no longer.  I was force to
> upgrade to Protel 99 to stay current and get the new features
> (which by the way did not work until SP1 almost 9 month later).
> Since that point no more 98 service packs or improvements or is
> 98 completely stable and bug free after SP3?  ...NOT!  I follow
> this pattern until SP6 for protel 99SE and then wham ATS on a
> product that is not stable across the board.  Well, like I stated
> I played this game before and will not stay on board for ATS.
> Anyone remember Tango Dos and then Tango Pluss and Route Plus and
> ATS at that time I waited for new fixes only to find that as soon
> as the ATS ran out the next release was available but you do not
> qualify if you don't keep up un the cash express.  This is a
> carrot infront of the rabbit and until we get tired and do not
> support ATS it will trap all on board until they have no more
> money to bleed.  Has anyone looked at the feature set per value
> that Protel has added over the last 2 years?  Not much as these
> features released with th eannouncement of Protel 99 and have yet
> to be completly debugged.
> O.K. I'm done ranting.  :-) Sorry, like most I do not and will
> not have a budget to support ATS when the answers I get back are
> we are investigating that or look at the knowledgebase.
> Sincerely,
> Mark

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