we're duplicating some legacy boards.  in order to avoid flight testing i
hand-routed the traces to match the old artwork.  i believe that i just
came close to making a SERIOUS mistake.  i used the pcb wizard to
generate the board but then hand-editted the various notches in it.  the 
keepout was in the way and i was going to hand rout everything so i 
deleted it.  

there is a power and ground plane on this board and there are machined 
metal card guides that get mounted to the board.  does this sound ugly?
i'm thinking (i know that's rare  ;-) that by deleting the keepoutlayer i've
let the planes come right out to the edge of the board.   is this correct?
if so, i've created a potential short between power and ground when the
card guides are attached to the board. 

i put the keepoutlayer back on there, but i'm nervous.  when i add the
power plane to the viewable layers, the only place it is evident is around
the pads and vias, where a dark green edge appears to isolate them. 
pads that are supposed to be tied to power have a broken circle out 
away from them a bit.  but the dark green vcc "void" hasn't appeared 
outside my keepoutlayer.  i get the feeling that putting the keepoutlayer 
back in there has not cured my problem.

my questions:

1.  the dark green i'm seeing represents the "negative", or holes, in the
power plane, correct?

2.  after simply drawing the keepoutlayer back in, i am not seeing the
dark green power plane void outside the keepoutlayer.  does this mean
that i still have the power plane running right to the board edge?

3.  without a keepoutlayer do the planes extend right to the board edge?

4.  how do i recess the power and ground planes back in a few mils on
this board?

5.  can i visibly see the planes recessed back from the card edge in protel 
or do i need to generate gerbers and use camtastic to do that?

thank you, miker

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