At 02:00 PM 11/8/01 -0800, Dennis Saputelli wrote:
>technically and to be pedantic you should say Place Line (not track)

It is not merely pedantic. A very frequent question is "I'm trying to place 
a wide track (perhaps for the power plane clearance) and I can't place it 
on an inner plane and besides even though I set the width at 50 mils, it 
keeps coming out 10 mils. What gives?"

Often it is a long-time Protel user, familiar with an earlier version, 
recently upgraded, who asks this. He is using the old command Place/Track 
(P-T) to place the line, not noticing that there is no more "Place Track" 
command. Instead there is Place/ interactive rouTing, same hotkeys, which 
follows width rules and which will only place track on copper layers, and 
Place Line, which has no such restrictions.

It was, by the way, a kindness for Protel to keep P-T working for the most 
common line placement operation. I remember when Tango changed many of 
their hotkey assignments, ostensibly to make PCB match schematic, and it 
took me years to unlearn the old and learn the new. And the irony was that, 
in the end, PCB and Schematic still did not match, and so there was the 
additional problem that similar functions in PCB and Schematic had 
different sequences. One of the common PCB sequences, in particular, would 
send you into a fairly long and not interruptable routine if you hit it in 
Schematic. And then there was incompatibility between Schematic itself and 
the schematic library editor. I once brought this up with Jeannine, the 
Tango support manager, and she simply noted "the guy who did that is no 
longer with the company...."

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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