Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:

> At 01:06 PM 11/13/01 -0800, Dennis Saputelli wrote:
> >every time i tried that there was something it did that i didn't want to
> >do
> >too bad it's almost useful
> I had the opposite experience.... it has always worked for me. Hmmm. maybe
> reference designator positions were a little weird, but I am often
> adjusting those anyway.

I use it all the time, and when I'm forced to go back to Tango
or Protel 2.8 for an old file, I really feel the lack of that feature.

But, you DO have to carefully consider the match constraints you
are using to be sure you only affect the objects you intend.  I generally
select (with select inside or select toggle) the parts or whatever I will
be changing to limit the range of objects, and then set other constraints,
too.  I rarely have an 'oops' with it, probably use it every 20 minutes on
average, and sometimes every minute when making a major update.
Forcing a backup with file-save just before doing a tricky global
change is a good idea, although Undo has always put back any surprise

Global edit is not "almost useful", it is the most powerful and important
feature of Protel.  I just modified a board to use a different footprint
SMT capacitor and also a radial lead cap.  I selected all the ones to
change, entered the new footprint, and then just had to clean up the
places where there was a conflict with an existing track or via.
I can't imagine how much carpal tunnel trouble that would cause if
I had to edit 200+ components individually!

I did have a little trouble with it, though.  Does anyone know how
to global change a footprint and have it put the new part in the
same orientation as the old one?  It seems like it put all the new
ones in the default orientation, with pad 1 at the same coordinate
as the old part, instead of using the orientation of the existing part.


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