i think we are speaking of different things
i was referring to the 'replication' feature with the INSERT key

i use global edits all the time and without much trouble
they are one of the best features of the program

i just bought orcad capture 9.2 to do some work for others and although
i don't know the prog very well it does not seem to have the global edit
does anyone know about capture? 
can you swap for example a footprint field across a bunch of sch

i don't want to RTFM
there isn't one anyway!
orcad/cadence put in a pc of paper that something to the following
"in order to improve the documention we no longer supply printed

BTW, i thought the price was not too bad for Capture, 
$1395 if bought on web
i thought it used to be higher
(this does not include the CIS database stuff or any PCB)

Also while i am on this topic:
what is the consensus re reading writing orcad 9.2 files both into and
out of protel?
can the translations be trusted?

i opened one orcad file in protel and all the resistors were turned 90
degrees and disconnected
that was when i said screw this and bought Orcad
i realize the problem was due to my symbol 'R' being different than
their symbol 'R', but who has time to sift through it all and solve
every issue?

i also have come realize that an Orcad schematic is about as close as
you can get in this business to something like a Word .DOC file,
something that you can distribute with reasonable aplomb

i would much rather draw a schematic in protel though ...

Dennis Saputelli

Jon Elson wrote:
> Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:
> > At 01:06 PM 11/13/01 -0800, Dennis Saputelli wrote:
> > >every time i tried that there was something it did that i didn't want to
> > >do
> > >too bad it's almost useful
> >
> > I had the opposite experience.... it has always worked for me. Hmmm. maybe
> > reference designator positions were a little weird, but I am often
> > adjusting those anyway.
> I use it all the time, and when I'm forced to go back to Tango
> or Protel 2.8 for an old file, I really feel the lack of that feature.
> But, you DO have to carefully consider the match constraints you
> are using to be sure you only affect the objects you intend.  I generally
> select (with select inside or select toggle) the parts or whatever I will
> be changing to limit the range of objects, and then set other constraints,
> too.  I rarely have an 'oops' with it, probably use it every 20 minutes on
> average, and sometimes every minute when making a major update.
> Forcing a backup with file-save just before doing a tricky global
> change is a good idea, although Undo has always put back any surprise
> changes.
> Global edit is not "almost useful", it is the most powerful and important
> feature of Protel.  I just modified a board to use a different footprint
> SMT capacitor and also a radial lead cap.  I selected all the ones to
> change, entered the new footprint, and then just had to clean up the
> places where there was a conflict with an existing track or via.
> I can't imagine how much carpal tunnel trouble that would cause if
> I had to edit 200+ components individually!
> I did have a little trouble with it, though.  Does anyone know how
> to global change a footprint and have it put the new part in the
> same orientation as the old one?  It seems like it put all the new
> ones in the default orientation, with pad 1 at the same coordinate
> as the old part, instead of using the orientation of the existing part.
> Jon

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