well you have got me. I have seen what you are describing many times
with many different CAD packages and every single time it is one of the
configuration formats for the drill data (or the gerber data). To check
which is wrong I usually do a measurment in the CAM tool to see which is
right, gerber or drill. Short of what has been suggested by myself or
others, I am at a loss.

        Yes, I too always check Gerber usuing an independant CAm tool.
Sometimes two CAM tools before I am satisfied.

        I am sure there is a configuration problem because I have no problem
with my Protel Gerber or Drill output. One thing to remember, is the problem
always the same even though you had changed settings? Are your Gerbers going
to the directory that you expected outside of the database? Check you file
dates and times to make sure you are seeing the latest Gerbers when you are
changing things. I hate the way the external directory is set within the
Protel menu and not in the actual CAM file where it would be saved with the
file. Many times I am chasing problems which don't seem to change just
because the files are going somewhere other then where I expected them to

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        Thanks for all your attempts.  I still have the problem with the
.drl file .  I may not have explained it clearly.  The origin and zero
suppression were set correctly, as was the data format.  The holes appear to
be the right size, they are usually just placed in the lower left hand
corner of the design.  Some of the holes are in approximately the right
relative position, though many are not.  I would hope that the output format
from protel would be an industry standard so that a conversion would not be
necessary to use a common viewer.  I usually prefer to check the outputs
with a viewer from a nonrelated vendor for a confidence check.


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