Fred A Rupinski wrote:

>     - Global Editing    YES    This feature doesn't do what I expect. It is
> too involved and confusing for rapid, productive editing. In some cases
> it is necessary to revise a library component to edit a repeated schematic
> or sheet component.

I use global edit, in both Sch and PCB very often.  If an hour goes by
that I don't use it, I am just looking at a design, not editing it.  You
DO have to understand the full implications of it, and therefore you
have to understand the database behind the things on the screen.
By that, I mean you have to understand what comes from the library,
and what comes from the instantiation of that library component
on the screen.  In Schematic, most of a displayed component other
than part number for (multipart components), symbol (DeMorgan,
IEEE, etc), orientation, hidden pins and designator come from the
library, and you need to edit in the library editor to change it.  (If you
can't select it separate from the whole component, you can't change
it seems to be the rule.

In PCB, you have much more flexibility, as you can change an individual
pad, hole or whatever on a component.  You can't MOVE a pad or
hole with reference to the part, however.

But, global edit is REALLY powerful, and can save an enormous
amount of time when you learn to use it well.  I admit, I had to make
a few mistakes when I learned it the first time, and fouled up a
board or schematic by changing more than I wanted to.  I still have
to carefully think about which match parameters I want set to
'same' and which to 'any' to have the right scope of action.

But, I can't imagine Protel without global change!  It would be like
a car with a clutch but no gearshift, or something!


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