At 06:06 PM 12/17/01 -0500, Bagotronix Tech Support wrote:
> > FCC Part 15 be blowed :-)
>How about those gov't regs that prevent stuff from working well?  You gotta
>love those (NOT).

I'm not expert on the subject, but as I recall, most of the thrust of the 
FCC regulations is toward preventing interference between the regulated 
product and other equipment. Yes, almost inherently, this can result in 
performance restrictions and/or increased cost. However, users may, if they 
are willing to risk voiding the warranty, modify the product provided they 
are also willing to take responsibility for any resulting interference. 
Recall anyone going to jail for tweaking their TV or computer? The worst 
thing you are going to see, here in the U.S., is a knock on the door, and 
even that is very, very unlikely unless you start broadcasting at 
relatively high power, which is hardly consistent with efficient cabling!

>Does the "lead-free solder" debate come to mind?

What comes to mind is the polarization of society into camps, each one of 
which trusts the others not at all. As a result, whichever camp happens to 
be in power makes a huge mess, because it neglects the legitimate concerns 
of the other sides. So the anti-government libertarians or General 
Bullmoose business stooges will tear away regulations which protect people 
and the environment, and the anti-business so-called liberals will neglect 
real people (after all, business means jobs) in favor of starry-eyed 

"Liberal" was supposed to mean "willing to consider all sides." And 
"Conservative" was supposed to mean "thoughtfully protective." In the end, 
however, society seems to divide all too often between "intelligent" and 

There is a story of the king who stepped on a thorn. He ordered his kingdom 
paved with leather so that he could walk anywhere without fear of being 
hurt. His advisors were frantic with worry because they knew that this 
would not only bankrupt the kingdom but would also have some other negative 
effects, to say the least. Finally one of them hit upon a solution. He made 
a pair of sandals and gave them to the king....

We see, today especially, many who would pave the world with leather; any 
one of us can experience this simply by flying from point A to point B, 
especially in the U.S. It's easy to understand the response, but the money 
spent and the economic value of the delay to every traveler could certainly 
make for some handsome sandals. I.e., secure cockpit doors, air marshals, 
always-on navigational beacons and cockpit voice transmitters. We might 
also consider what could be done to ameliorate the conditions which breed 
fanatics, but that is a whole other level of response, perhaps too much to 

Anyway, the Protel relevance here is in an encouragement to do what is 
necessary to make the hardware work well with Protel; I'm probably going to 
stick with Matrox since the additional cost is trivial compared to the 
value of my time.... I do encourage users, however, to continue to share 
experience; perhaps we could come up with a list of widely validated video 

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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