This may have been answered previously however, has anyone experienced parts
seemingly outside the board perimeter even though they are placed inside?
I have been passed a ddb file from another and if I "ZA- zoom all" it
displays an area much greater than the pcb perimeter. I have checked for
hidden part fields outside the board, but that didn't fix it. If I select
outside an area and draw a box around the board, several parts inside are
I can't remember how to fix this.

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Ahhh Mr Jenkins,
I was wondering when you would jump into the fray. I've missed your soft
demeanor and objectiveness. It has been so long since I've been indirectly
compared to an "aging dweeb" and "twits". I should have explained that I do
not differentiate between PCB designer and Engineer as the two are not
mutually exclusive. I do consider Protel an Electrical and Electronic
Engineering tool. I don't consider it a Mechanical Engineering tool, nor do
I consider E/E Engineers as capable at packaging design as Mech Engineers.
As far as what Altium/Protel advertises and delivers....gee the sales guy
might have stretched the truth a little....NEWS FLASH....Marketing didn't
tell the whole truth. Oh my god...
Exactly what myopic eutopia have you been living in?
Regardless, I have grown weary of this banter and my personal assistant is
late bringing my coffee, I'm going to have to jump in my gold-plated golf
cart and track him/her down. He/she is probably playing beach volleyball
with all the guys down in the 3D CAD dept. 


>Mr Good, Please explain why Protel advertised a 3D-viewer tool as part of
the suite upgrade price  >for P99/SE. While you're at it, please explain why
Protel EDA is a PCB-designer's tool and not an  >electrical and electronics
engineer's EDA tool as well (as it has been advertised for years). I
>realize that many PCB-designers have different motivations than engineers,
but you obviously don't   >realize the opposite.

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