Hey, guys, think of future generations, put something appropriate in the 
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The two posts to the topic so far did not mention the command that makes 
initial library origin irrelevant.

When opening a new footprint window, after cancelling the wizard, place a 
pad, doesn't matter where you place it. Then Edit/Set Reference/Center will 
place the origin at pad center. If the beginning view window is too large 
or way too small, Z-A will set the pad to fill the screen and Z-O a few 
times will give a typically usable scale.

(Center in the Set Reference command refers to the extent of all copper in 
the footprint; the resulting reference will be the midpoint of the 
extremes. For most footprints, I prefer to use center reference, it allows 
rotation without movement of the component center. For example, if I have 
polarized capacitors with pin names 1 and 2 and it turns out that these 
need to be rotated because of a bad library footprint or symbol, they can 
be rotated with global edits and pads remain in the same places, only the 
pad names and component rotation values are changed, plus any asymmetrical 
non-copper primitives. If I have a QFP, I can rotate it in place. Pin 1 
center, with SMT components, does not have a fixed relationship to the 
physical part, so I'd think that assemblers for autoinsertion would want 
centroid plus rotation, another reason for using center reference.)

The Footprint Wizard should not be default, unless possibly the Wizard is 
so much improved that it becomes useful for the majority of parts. Right 
now it just adds keystrokes. We have elsewhere discussed possible 
improvements to the Wizard.
Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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