> The object selection has gotten more sophisticated and there is a live
> spreadsheet of all object which to them is an alternate view of the
> represention of your board. The spreadsheet has some neat sorting and
> editing features and operates on the live database of your PCB. If you're
> curious about exactly what's happening while in the spreadsheet, it's a
> click away to see the selection (or whatever) on the PCB.

Calling it sophisticated is subjective.....They  have copied some of Accels
features.  This spread sheet can get in the way many times.  It might
impress a Unix programmer, but the one thing Protel had going for it was its
MAC like interface.   Very graphical with some of the best graphics on a pc.
Oh did I mention I hate Accel/PCad  on this forum.  I think I did many times
The fade menus sound really neat, but I try to use key strokes and push my
mouse to the location where I want activity.   I work with mouse pushers
maybe they will like that.  Clicking on menus takes time.    I will wait
before I make my judgment.

My objective is to have software that increases my productivity.   Much of
this software is reaching maturity now.  New features are becoming less and
less innovative.    There is room as some suggested for lib management.
What I hope DXP doesn't do for me is play  my CD music any better, or tie
into AOL or have the darn menu in my way of productivity.    I have to
unload AOL off of every new pc I buy,   I will most likely unload the menus
the same way.  And if I can keep the Accel spreadsheet from ever popping up
I would be happy with that too.

OK PROTEL you have my address send me a copy of this new software!  I want
my hands on it  to run it thru the paces.

Mike Reagan

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