I went yesterday, and I must say it's as great (and welcome)of a change as
it was from version 2.8 to 98.

There are TONS of cool features. I only had 45 minutes to stay so I didn't
get into the meat of VHDL or the router, but I'm going to pony up the money
for this one.

Some of you are going to bitch about learning new things, but I think it
will be well worth it. I can see its connection to P99SE, but that's about
it. If you thought P99SE was configurable, wait until you see DXP. The menus
are like computer eye candy. When you have a floating menu in the area of
the board that you're trying to route, the menu fades away while the cursor
is there and fades back when you pass through the area. It may not sound
like much, but wait until you see it! I'm constantly shifting around trying
to get from behind floating tool bars and they've fixed that for me. Also
the big explorer area to the side of your work area can retract horizontally
when unused. It's very cool. The grabbing pan hand works now in SCH (just
like PCB) and they've really overhauled the consistancy issues between the
different applications.

I've also 'heard' that the 3D stuff is getting revamped with USER CREATED
MODELS!!! It supposedly won't be in the initial release because Protel (um,
I mean Altium) is still trying to figure out the best way to present model
creation to us. I suggested they do not create models in DXP, but rather let
us create them in solidworks, autocad, cadkey, something like that. I know
some of these packages are $$ and they should support a format that has a
couple low cost packages that can generate that format.

The on screen graphics have gotten better too. There are nice polished
touches to everything. The print engine is souped up, and seems to work

I'm jazzed. (can you tell?)

Tony Karavidas
Encore Electronics


Designers of "The best MIDI to CV converter on the planet." -Keyboard Oct.

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> Did anyone go to the show have any feedback about Protek DXP?
> Just curious,
> Dave Palombo

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