On 01:26 PM 22/03/2002 -0800, JaMi Smith said:
>Have they fixed the zomming so that is like the rest of the world out
>there or is it still "anti-intuitive" (i.e.: place the cursor in the
>left side of the screen and zoom out so that you can then place the
>cursor in the right side of the screen and zoom in to the right).
>JaMi Smith

I actually prefer the Protel zoom as it is. I think the current method 
means less eye flicker as I dance about the screen zooming in and out.  It 
is possible that I am just so used to it that I no longer even think about 
hitting the Home key to re-centre, and I have the choice of doing it when I 
want and it takes me practically no extra brain cycles.  So I would not 
like it to change but it could easily be a user option.

However, since there was one user (I forget who) that complained vocally 
about this, and since it is just a personal preference thing, I wrote a 
simple little freeware add-on to do a zoom-and-pan operation in one go:

In fact it would be possible to do this in Client Basic, but as a server it 
is easier to make the cursor jump to the centre of the screen after the 
final re-centre and to block the double screen refresh that would be 
irritating and would slow the operation down.

You can replace the PgUp and PgDn functions with these servers or attach 
them to some other key combination as you wish.  I think there may be some 
issues with replacing some of the key macros - in some situations the 
environment has hardcoded key mappings (like the X and Y and L keys while 
moving selections).  Others can experiment if they wish.  There is no hlp 
file just the dll, the ins file and a html readme file with some basic 
info.  The usual Protel server installation method should be used.  I was 
informed a while ago that I had the PCB zoom in and out around the wrong 
way - I fixed this and the corrected version is available for download.

(Please your honour, I am not trying to spam the group, honest, it is just 
that a couple of questions have come up recently that are relevant to 
servers we have written.)

Ian Wilson

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