Thanks Steve, that's great advice.


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> I think our issue really is how some components managed to get moved
> the PCB workspace.
> I can feel some lengthy manual checks coming on..... :-)

This can happen when you do a "move selected". Most folks (including yours
truly) keep the setting turned on to allow adding selections to the
selected items. This means that you must take the responsibility to deselect
all sometime after completing the operation and before starting to select
things for some other operation. If you forget to deselect, then select a
couple more pieces and move them as a block, the forgotten items move too,
and can move outside the workspace.

Lengthy manual checks aren't usually needed. Do V-D (view - document). If it
zooms to an unexpectedly large zoom level (the board is then usually an
itty-bitty little stamp in the southwest corner of the workspace), there's
something hanging out there in la-la land, and you'd better find it before
you go to fab, or you'll regret it. The general method to bring things back
into the workspace is to select all, then deselect inside and mark off a
reasonable perimiter around your desired workspace. Now anything that's out
of bounds is selected. Depending on the circumstances, you may wish to
delete selected, which gets rid of it (probably to be reloaded, within the
workspace, at the next netlist update); alternatively, you may want to try
move the item back into the workspace, but you've got to guess at which
direction to move it. Pick one of the four and note the size of the current
view-document zoom. After moving selection about a third of the width of the
screen, do another view-document. If it now zooms in to a smaller area,
you're going in the right direction; if it zooms out further, you're going
the wrong way with the selection. And if the object(s) are on both sides, or
completely outside the legal workspace, you're not going to have a clue
way to go.

Bottom line is to either turn off "Extend selection" or (much more
IMO, though also prone to forgetting) always remember to deselect all before
starting a sequence of selection operations - even if the "sequence"
of a single operation. Personally, it's almost automatic to do E-E-A (or
before starting to select things.

Steve Hendrix

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