On 03:26 PM 27/03/2002 +0000, Paul Holland said:
>Thanks Steve, that's great advice.

All the advice is certainly good.  But it does seem there is a bug 
here.  DRC is reporting a validly routed net when there is in fact a 
problem with the net.  Paul,  I think you should send the sample file to 
Protel support. This may seem like a black-hole but our arguments about 
Protel not fixing long-standing bugs are easier to maintain if we can show 
real reports of real bugs - although it would be nice to think that 
reporting an issue here would get some action I do not think that that will 
always happen.  Better to also report, with and example file, direct to 
Protel. In the meantime I will add this into the user group bug 
database.  Paul, is the following a correct report?

Here is my proposed entry in the bug database:
Date: 2002/02/28
Summary: PCB:Components (Entities?) outside the Protel Workspace can cause 
an error-free DRC with components missing from the design.
Details: PCB P99SE SP6 (? - which service pack Paul?).  If components lie 
outside the Protel workspace of 0,0 to 100",100" these components can 
confuse DRC into thinking that nets that are not fully routed are in fact 
complete.  A error-free DRC can result when in-fact these component(s) will 
not appear on the board.  One possible method that this can occur is 
forgetting to clear the selection before starting a new selection and then 
moving the new selection without realising that the old selection remains 
selected and is moved as well. Workaround: None - but a reality check of 
using Z-D or Z-A (zoom document or zoom all) will show if Protel thinks 
there is anything outside the expected bounds of the PCB by displaying more 
than the expected region.
Reported By: Paul Holland
Confirmed By:  <has anyone confirmed this behavior?> - if not can someone 
take the time to do so.>

(I would like to think that others would be prepared to spend a little time 
on this confirmation work not just the usual suspects - I could do it but I 
would like to get others involved and I do spend some time on the bug 
database and other stuff. If no-one else does confirm, I will do it though.)

On the issue of selection prayers.  I once was showing a colleague how I 
would do some complex sort of global replace using the selection state as 
one of the filters.  It involved selecting a number of different entity 
types by double-clicking one example and then globally changing the 
selection of those that matched certain criteria.  I had to do this for a 
number of different entity types to build up the selection.  It took me 
about 8 goes as somewhere along the way, without thinking about it, I would 
do an X-A.  I am so used to doing X-A before a selection that automatic 
mode just took over.  I had to sit there and do each keystroke very slowly 
and deliberately and each mouse move very carefully, like a novice, to 
break the X-A neuron path.

Ian Wilson

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