At 08:33 AM 4/19/2002 -0500, Robison Michael R CNIN wrote:
>[...] the problem is that its a 10 layer board with very
>complex polygon pours, and everything must match closely
>with some legacy raster images of the layers. [...[

>management asked me if there was anything i could do to
>speed the job up.  i knew what they were thinking: "you
>do the even layers and let him do the odd layers."
>i told them this probably wasn't possible.  did i lie to

No. You gave your honest opinion; that it was wrong does not make it a lie.

>  is there a relatively SIMPLE way for us to slice
>up the job and then recombine them in the end?  i emphasize
>the simple part because i know that in computerland often-
>times almost anything is possible, but i'm looking for
>feasible, too.

Yes, simple. Once the footprints have been created and placed, each person 
can work on one layer at a time, just as you would, working alone, work on 
one layer at a time. Not at all difficult.

Place all vias first before working on the tracks. That' right a way, will 
cause problems if you are trying to work interactively (since the vias will 
not have the right net assignments).

>we are working from a schematic and doing interactive
>routing on the job.

That's not the way to copy a board exactly. In fact, the rat's nest will 
confuse matters. Instead, just place track and other primitives to match 
the original layers, one layer at a time. Then you can either use reconnect 
(assign nets from connected pads) to give everything the right net 
assignment -- after loading the net list or updating - or you can copy an 
entire layer onto a board with pads (and pre-existing vias) already having 
the net assignments and Protel will automatically assign nets based on 

>   i have no idea how i can do one layer
>and somebody else can do another layer and then recombine
>them, but that would surely be a good answer.  i'm thinking
>that a requirement would be that the integrity of the
>design rules check would need to be maintained.

Sure, but you do that at the end in a situation like this, not from the 

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