At 12:16 PM 5/20/2002 -0700, Embedded Matt wrote:
>Two easy ones (I think):
>I have a multi-page schematic with ports to connect
>nets between pages.  Is there any way, besides adding
>a net label, to force Protel to give the net the port
>name in the netlist instead of something like R54_1?

If you are using a hierarchical schematic, the net will take the name that 
it has on the highest level on which the net occurs. If the net is not 
named on that level, it will be given a numerical name.

This is not a bug, it is, rather, a necessary consequence of how 
hierarchical schematics can be used. One may connect WR* on one sheet 
symbol to CHANNEL1WR* on another sheet symbol. Which name do you give it?

Even if the schematic is not flat, suppose one is using Ports Only scope. 
Using a port, one may connect a net with one name on one sheet to a net 
with a different name on another sheet.

In other words, Net Labels establish a local name (or a global name under 
certain circumstances, Ports connect between sheets. Ports are not used to 
name nets.

If you are using Net Labels and Ports Global scope, you must place a net 
label to force the assignment of a net name. With this scope, you don't 
need to use ports at all....

But a little redundancy never hurt anyone.

>Why do I care about net names?  Because descriptive
>names help me when I'm routing.
>Why don't I want to add a net label?  Because then I
>have a wire with a net label and a port right next to
>each other -- it just looks silly.

Nevertheless, sometimes this is absolutely necessary.

>I am using the Reports/Add Port References (Flat)
>feature which works pretty well except that it doesn't
>seem to generate a reference for ports of the same
>name on the same page.  Is there any way to get the
>references for ports on the same page?

I haven't used that tool, so I'll let someone else answer....

Except I'll mention that this is not how Ports are designed to be used. 
They are specifically for intersheet connections. Bring a Port onto a sheet 
and if you want to use it in various places without having a wire, use 
multiple net labels.

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