On 06:28 PM 20/05/2002 -0400, Abd ulRahman Lomax said:
>At 12:16 PM 5/20/2002 -0700, Embedded Matt wrote:
>>Two easy ones (I think):
>>I have a multi-page schematic with ports to connect
>>nets between pages.  Is there any way, besides adding
>>a net label, to force Protel to give the net the port
>>name in the netlist instead of something like R54_1?
>If you are using a hierarchical schematic, the net will take the name that 
>it has on the highest level on which the net occurs. If the net is not 
>named on that level, it will be given a numerical name.
>This is not a bug, it is, rather, a necessary consequence of how 
>hierarchical schematics can be used. One may connect WR* on one sheet 
>symbol to CHANNEL1WR* on another sheet symbol. Which name do you give it?
>Even if the schematic is not flat, suppose one is using Ports Only scope. 
>Using a port, one may connect a net with one name on one sheet to a net 
>with a different name on another sheet.
>In other words, Net Labels establish a local name (or a global name under 
>certain circumstances, Ports connect between sheets. Ports are not used to 
>name nets.
>If you are using Net Labels and Ports Global scope, you must place a net 
>label to force the assignment of a net name. With this scope, you don't 
>need to use ports at all....
>But a little redundancy never hurt anyone.

Maybe my "No" answer was less than helpful :-)

On a related issue.

Do you know that you can use the cloning (or morphing) facility in Protel 
to quickly grab the text out of a Port while placing net labels?  And 
visa-versa (taking a netlabels text into a port while placing 
ports).  While placing an entity hover over the thing you want to clone and 
press the INS key.  On some objects this can be a little fiddly (getting 
the right spot) but with a little practice it works well.  Morphing can be 
found in both the on-line help and the printed docs - use the online help 
Find and enter morph (use the index for the printed stuff).

This is a very useful tool in many situations (such as going around adding 
all your power ports to your design).

Ian Wilson

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