Maybe my head is stuffed with cotton, it certainly feels like it after 
staying overnight at the office two days in a row, but it still seems to me 
that there is some confusion here. Yes, there are ODBC problems, and ODBC 
is an "Access" driver, but this has nothing to do, I think, with "Access 
Violation" system messages, as reported in the original query from "EDA 
Software Technical Dpt." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>. That post reported the 
following error:

>''Access violation at address OE3D7BC6 in module ADVPCB.DLL. Read of 
>address 00000044''

This, I believe, is an Advanced PCB error, not an OADBC error. This is an 
example of an ODBC error:

>"[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]String Data, right truncated[null]"

Protel KB item 1906 has information on what may appear as other kinds of 
ODBC errors.

The list has reported errors like this:

>[MICROSFT] [ODBC MICROSOFT ACCESS DRIVER] The microsoft jet engine stopped 
>the process because you and another are attempting to
>change the same data at the same time.

>[microsoft][odbc microsoft access 97
>driver] too few parameters. expected 30

At 09:32 AM 6/14/2002 -0400, Matt Daggett wrote:
>That tech note was sent to me by an altium support representative with the
>following message:
>"Thank you for sending this error message.  It is strange that you are
>receiving it on a Windows 2000 machine.  I am attaching an application note
>that has information on the MDAC drivers.  Changing the MDAC driver version
>usually resolves ODBC / Access Violation errors"

There may be some Access Violations that would appear as ODBC Access 
Violations, i.e., the ODBC driver may, like any application, cause an 
Access Violation (though I have not seen any reports of same, and I 
looked), but the rep was not writing about the generic Access Violation to 
which the original inquiry related. It is more likely that the word 
"Violation" simply crept in as a synonym for "error," which is more 
commonly used in connection with these messages from the ODBC driver.

I write about this because I don't want uses going on a wild goose chase, 
trying to fix ODBC drivers that are not broken because they are getting an 
"Access Violation". If the error message mentions the ODBC driver, then one 
should worry about it. Otherwise the problem is most likely with some other 
.dll, which is either broken or buggy.

If you are getting ODBC errors, then all the information about the Access 
drivers is relevant. But it is unfortunate that this information is being 
provided under the subject of "Access violation problem," which will 
definitely confuse future generations who search the archives for "Access 
violation" because that is what they are getting.

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> >Unless I've missed something, the tech note does not relate to the reported
> >problem. An "Access Violation" is not the same as on ODBC error.
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