> All of us suffer from these same choices - we choose to use the Windows
> platform, for whatever reason.  It may be the most productive (more work
> faster) or it may not - an argument for another day.  We accept MS'es
> constant upgrade cycle.  We accept buggy code.  We accept file format
> changes that power the upgrade treadmill.  We are all part of the problem
> and so must all be part of the solution. Bring on the quiet revolution
> will change all this so we penalize poor software just like we, as
> consumers, penalize poor cars.

I choose to use the Windows platform because it's the only OS supported by
most the apps I use.  My choices are:  1) use those apps on Windows, or 2)
don't work in my profession.  What kind of choice is that?

I don't accept MS's constant upgrade cycle.  Since the introduction of WPA
in XP and the new MS licensing policies (rent, not own), I have decided that
there will be no more MS OS products beyond W2K in use at my company.  In
fact, only one machine (my CADzilla) has W2K.  Other machines are using
98se, 95, and Linux.  I like W2K, but it's a tragedy that MS has chosen to
fork the Windows product into 2 versions (the lame XP home, and pro) and
impose spyware in it (WPA can be considered spyware since it can deactivate
your license if you change your hardware).

I don't accept buggy code.  It's just that I can't do anything about it if
it's closed-source.  And I must use it.  Kind of like the laws of
thermodynamics:  1) you cannot get ahead, 2) you cannot break even, 3) you
cannot stop playing the game.

Funny thing about MS:  they could forever prevent the spread of Linux to the
desktop by dropping XPhome, dropping the price of XPpro to $40 (same price
for new and upgrade), publishing their file formats to Office apps, and
going back to their old licensing terms.  Most boxed Linux distros are about
$30 - $40, so there would be no cost advantage to the buyer to go with Linux
(unless they got it for free from a friend, which is legal).  Instead MS
does the exact opposite and is pissing off so many people!

What this means for Altium is that they must either continue to support W2K,
or start supporting Linux, for future Protel releases.  That is, if they
want me to upgrade ;-)

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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