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> > Yeah but the funny thing about that is MS is SO BIG, linux
> doesn't matter
> > either. Why would MS take a 50% hit in profits to suppress 5% of lost
> sales
> > to Linux?  (I'm making up those numbers but I bet they are not too far
> off)
> > So they loose a few customers...
> They wouldn't for 5%.  But that 5% won't stay 5%, it will get bigger.
> You'll see.

Sure it might get bigger, but even if it doubles it's still small. Reminds
me of a cancer report on the news saying your chances of getting cancer
'xyz' if you live in 'Smalltown, USA' are twice as great. They neglect to
say that your chances are 1 in 2,000,000,000 as opposed to 1 in
4,000,000,000. Sure it's twice as likely, but it's so much more likely you
won't get it anyway.

> Linux certainly does matter to MS in the server area.  Linux/Unix
> and Apache
> web server have almost as much market share (maybe more now) than MS IIS.
> >
> > Same thing with Altium. If YOU decide not to upgrade because
> Altium's s/w
> > doesn't run Linux, so what?  If we ALL decide not to upgrade, then maybe
> > they will think seriously about Linux, but I doubt it.
> If we ALL decide not to, there is no maybe about it.  Altium would have to
> change or go out of business.  Of course, we won't all decide not to...

I still don't know for sure. Selling upgrades to existing customer's isn't a
way to grow a company. I think if we all told them to 'piss off' they'd
still have a growing user base from new sales that have no knowledge of this
group. They make way more money from an $8000 new sale as opposed to a $2000
upgrade. In the short term (which is where companies seem to focus) they
could chance to loose 4 of us for each new customer. Of course they wouldn't
have the repeated ATS money, which would hurt them in the long run. I'm sure
most of this wouldn't happen anyway. I'm just babbling.

> >
> > The reason I don't switch to Linux (I'd like to start messing
> around with
> it
> > soon) is because the apps I want to use don't support it. It's
> a catch 22.
> True.  At this time, we use Linux only on the LAN server.  If you want to
> start playing with Linux, get Mandrake Linux and set up a
> dual-boot system.
> Most Linux distros have a utility that can non-destructively shrink a
> Windows partition to make room for Linux partitions on the same drive as
> Windows partitions.  Or, buy a 40GB drive for $90 and install Linux on it.
> Make yourself a boot floppy.  When you want to boot Windows, eject the
> floppy.  When you want to boot Linux, insert the floppy.

Sounds good. I'll try it when I have time.

> >
> > The OS is so secondary to me anyway. I don't spend my time
> working on the
> > OS; I spend it in the apps. I could almost care less what OS I'm using.
> The
> > core requirement from the OS is that it remains stable and running. I
> > suppose if I was a systems administrator I would complain more about the
> OS,
> > but I'm not.
> Maybe you don't care about the OS, but do you care about privacy,
> security,
> freedom, and fiscal responsibility?  MS is out to eradicate all
> of these in
> their OS plans for the future (WPA, Passport, Palladium, etc.).

Sure I do care about those things. I don't need to tell MS crap about me, or
I can feed them mis-information. I can just get that stupid reg ID and be
done with it. As far as security, there are lots of other security devices
to help where MS falls down. The simple  one is taking a computer off the
internet when it's not needed. I don't do that because I trust my security
implementation enough right now, but if I didn't, I would change things.
Passport: who needs that? I don't. They require it for chat and hotmail and
I'm sure more stuff, but I don't use any of that. I think there are enough
people that dislike MS so much, they will act as the watchdogs of our
computing society and 'alert' us when MS is going too far. So far, they
haven't bothered me.

The stink about IDs inside the Pentium cracks me up. What the hell could
they find out about other than your CPU ID? Even if someone set a back door
in your machine to relate your name or whatever to your CPU, they still
can't prove it was YOU sitting there typing nasty messages to the prez or
whatever. It was just your machine that was used. So what? The upside of the
CPUID that got washed away would have been the ability for more security
based on the CPUID so if I was going to a secure site and could only do it
from one machine, that would have helped prove it was THAT machine. (Yes I'm
sure the ID could be spoofed if someone tried hard enough, but if it was
buried in some good encryption it would be very difficult.

I'm done! :)

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