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> Yeah but the funny thing about that is MS is SO BIG, linux doesn't matter
> either. Why would MS take a 50% hit in profits to suppress 5% of lost
> to Linux?  (I'm making up those numbers but I bet they are not too far
> So they loose a few customers...

They wouldn't for 5%.  But that 5% won't stay 5%, it will get bigger.
You'll see.

Linux certainly does matter to MS in the server area.  Linux/Unix and Apache
web server have almost as much market share (maybe more now) than MS IIS.

> Same thing with Altium. If YOU decide not to upgrade because Altium's s/w
> doesn't run Linux, so what?  If we ALL decide not to upgrade, then maybe
> they will think seriously about Linux, but I doubt it.

If we ALL decide not to, there is no maybe about it.  Altium would have to
change or go out of business.  Of course, we won't all decide not to...

> The reason I don't switch to Linux (I'd like to start messing around with
> soon) is because the apps I want to use don't support it. It's a catch 22.

True.  At this time, we use Linux only on the LAN server.  If you want to
start playing with Linux, get Mandrake Linux and set up a dual-boot system.
Most Linux distros have a utility that can non-destructively shrink a
Windows partition to make room for Linux partitions on the same drive as
Windows partitions.  Or, buy a 40GB drive for $90 and install Linux on it.
Make yourself a boot floppy.  When you want to boot Windows, eject the
floppy.  When you want to boot Linux, insert the floppy.

> The OS is so secondary to me anyway. I don't spend my time working on the
> OS; I spend it in the apps. I could almost care less what OS I'm using.
> core requirement from the OS is that it remains stable and running. I
> suppose if I was a systems administrator I would complain more about the
> but I'm not.

Maybe you don't care about the OS, but do you care about privacy, security,
freedom, and fiscal responsibility?  MS is out to eradicate all of these in
their OS plans for the future (WPA, Passport, Palladium, etc.).

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