aren't you mixing up some things in this discussion?
See my comments below.

>I also eventually found this forum, which has been of some help. The
>here is that in general everybody refuses to realize or acknowledge that
>this (as with many other things) is a bug, notwithstanding the fact that
>has been acknowledged in the "knowledge base" for years and pops up here
>the forum on a regular basis. Most people here appear to love Protel and
>hate Microsoft, so the blame always gets shifted to Microsoft or if not
>them, the implied "stupid user".
>It was only after several months of using the Microsoft wheel mouse with
>Intellimouse software "wheel" disabled for Protel, that I realized that
>mouse "wheel" had always worked well on a previous employers Protel 98 and
>Protel 99 (in both Windows 95 and NT) which used a Logitech wheel mouse,
>also the trial version of Protel 99 SE that I had at home which also used
>Logitech wheel mouse.
>I bought my own Logitech cordless wheel mouse for work, and installed the
>Logitech "Mouseware", and magically the problems went away, and not just
>problems with the keyboard, but all of the problems that I had been
>It was great to have both the wheel and the keyboard shortcuts all back at
>the same time, but more importantly, the system stopped crashing.
>Plain and simple. The system stopped crashing on a regular basis. I went
>from 7 or 8 "crash and reboots" a day, down to about 1 a week, if that.
>"Microsoft Bashing" is not the answer, anymore than "Protel Bashing". The
>real answer is for a software developer the size of Protel / Altium to
>a functional relationship with Microsoft. They should be a member of the
>Microsoft Development Network where they would get regular updates on
>software and problems, and more importantly, they would get real Microsoft
>Technical Support on issues such as this. Yes it cost a few sheckels to
>the "MDN", probably a few grand a year, certainly more than I can afford,
>but there is no excuse in the world for Protel / Altium not to be a
>Sometimes I wonder if they even know that the "MDN" and other forms of
>Microsoft Support available to OEM Software Developers exists.

When you install a piece of hardware (e.g. a mouse), the driver software
either goes with the hardware product, or you may chose to install the
Microsoft driver (if supplied). The application SW (like Protel) should not
need to mess around with any special HW feature (like it used to be in old
DOS times), but just call system (Windows) functions and leave the rest to
the OS. I am just a simple-minded hardware developer, but if you state that
the application works fine with a Logitech mouse and does not with a
Microsoft mouse, there cannot be any question about who is to blame. I have
no preference for any OS; I want a working system, that's all. I just don't
care about who writes drivers, be it the OS people, be it the hardware
supplier. I dare to demand from SW the same as anyone takes for granted
from any HW product they purchase: it shall function as specified. In
consequence: If Microsoft mice don't work with Microsoft SW (MS is the OS
provider, not Protel!), don't buy mice from Microsoft. It's as simple as
that. The fact that use of the Logitech drivers eliminates the problem with
Protel speaks for itself. I don't mind your devotion for Microsoft, I use
their SW as well, as it is part of my work, but please let us stick to the
facts. By the way, how do you know whether Altium is member of MDN or not?

Gisbert Auge
N.A.T. GmbH

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