Please See my comments below:

> As to this comment... I haven't a problem with listing the software that I
> originally installed on my PC. However to question the trustworthiness of
> statement, this I find a bit insulting. To say the very least!
> Prog's as follows: (in order of installation)
> ~Win 98SE
> ~Office 2000

Joel, my comments were meant to be 'anti-inflamatory'. I apologize to any
offence taken. No one who has ever reported problems to this group has
reported a complete system set-up to my knowledge. Personally, I think that
it is 'none of my business that' I know your s/w configuration. Since you
have freely disclosed this information, it might trigger an insightful
thought from some one within this group. 

For instance, I was happily running Office 97 under NT when the computer
guys decided to give me an upgrade to Office 2000. Whether this event was
related or not with other upgrades, shortly thereafter I got a failure to
launch a processes at every boot. A friend who had a similar problem
commented that it was a license server being launched on his machine.
However, the applications s/w was no longer in existence.

With another NT problem, using service pack 6 crippled my machine on a large
job due to a extraordinary number of page faults being generated. A slow
machine, a lousey video card did not help. I retreated to SP5 and I managed
to finish that job after getting a G550 that worked 'ok'.

> I maintain my system myself. I know that anytime I allow a s'ware package
> configure my system it will configure with complete bias to the package
> was allow to do so. Thank you for the input nonetheless. As to keeping
> windows open and the ability to make a machine hang-up... I have yet to
> to open 99SE on this PC (aside from confirming the install) and it was
> after I had installed 99SE that I got a blue screen. Argue this all you
> choose. The fact remains. I could run my DJ s'ware while doing animation
> Maya without any problems. That is no longer the case. And the only thing
> that changed was the addition of 99SE and SP6.

While the IT people govern my machine at work, I am not foreign to building
a system from scratch. My general comment is, Protel is a buss hog and this
puts both weight on the buss and the CPU. Protel will cry out if that
support disappears under intensive work. 

> And "whining"? Perhaps Sir, if you've elected to view my inputs as whining
> instead of the original intent, (being only to share my what I have
> encountered while I have been a user of a s'ware package for which we all
> use and few of us understand entirely) you should look within your
> understanding of the purpose of this group. Not to mention taking a closer
> look at the content of my original writings.

My term 'whining' was not meant towards your problems. The subject of the
mouse scenerio and "it's Protel's/Microsoft's fault" became an exhausting
read. Some threads are not solving problems, but otherwise raising the
signal to noise ratio of the group. I most think everyone in this group
tries to solve problems for others the best way they can. There are alot of
helpful posters here. The subject of Dell's and other platforms has come up
too. Personally, I like to know what is in the box. While I do run a Dell at
work and it seems ok, I have an ASUS board (long in the tooth P5AB) at home,
This was purchased in lieu of a researched experience of a friend. The
subject of motherboard stabilty and what often works is often trashed out at
motherboard websites.

I have built computers systems from scratch before. I have seen mother
boards which were good and those which are not so stable. I have experienced
video card problems and fixed them. In this light, I have accepted the
compromise to use compliant hardware to make Protel work better. This is a
personal decision some people do not wish to accept.

> And had I not already invested several thousand dollars and hours into
> package, then perhaps another CAD package would be the answer... But those
> matters, Mr. Hartery, would in fact make such a statement on your part
> completely illogical and quite unfounded. Being as you haven't the
> of my system, software, ablities nor my understanding of the 99SE s'ware
> the time in which you made such a ridiculous statement. However, thank you
> for your suggestion and your personal opinions as they relate to my

I have seen at least one user (with Protel 98) thrash around like a fish out
of water. My system, however, was just humming along. I could not relate to
his experience. This seems to be the case here. I am sure you would agree,
Altium should be more active in debunking your problems when they have
seemed to go to the extreme. There should be a recommended piece of
benchmark s/w to insure this is the case.

I lament for your investment, but in having knowledge of you set-up is
something I never did claim. When some of us on this group run reasonably
stable platforms and others are going out of their minds, the issue may not
necessarily be 99SE. My work system is a Dell Dimension 8200 2 gig P4, 512
megs of ram. The video card is a NVIDA GeForce 3. If anyone is interested in
my s/w set-up, I won't mind posting it either.

> As long as we are hoping... I hope DXP (just as I HAD hoped 99SE) is a lot
> more like P-CAD at least in the "no major bugs and no needed work arounds"
> department.

Joel, my P-CAD experience saw me perform alot more work for no good reason.
I will admit to being militant to 99SE until SP3.

In any case, if you want to contact me off line, my email address is below.


Fabian Hartery
Research Engineer, B. Eng (Electrical)

Guigne International Limited
63 Thorburn Road
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
tel: 709-738-4070
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